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Improve Engagement

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Finally, you want citizens to become regular patrons and users of your programs and services related to the development of a smart city or community. Only then, will they develop into active smart citizens. Participation in an isolated activity is a first step, but it is not enough to strengthen the development of smart citizens and, therefore, the role that your public library can play in building a smart community. Segmentation and targeting strategies will definitely help you retain users: the better you know your audience or audiences, the better you may be able to address their needs with different programs and services.


In addition, keeping in touch beyond the activity they have participated in may be a good idea. You can use social media and email to request feedback, but also to keep interacting with the citizens on other programs and services of interest to them, even if those are not directly related to smart city/community development.


Further, you can use these digital channels to communicate about the city/community efforts to become smart and to keep raising awareness about the smart city/community concept, which may be useful when you share the value of your offerings to the community.


Since developing new programs and services that result in real contributions to developing a smart city or community may often require partnerships, you need to make sure you effectively involve your partners in your marketing decisions and strategies. They can become an important source of support in helping you raise awareness and attract and retain patrons.


What’s more, a different message from each organization or a misalignment in marketing decisions may hinder your efforts to become a strategic partner in the development of a smart city or community. Collaboration and collaborative processes also involve doing marketing collaboratively. For example, your partners may help you disseminate information about your programs and services and reach your audience by using their own digital channels. This may multiply the effect of your actions.

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