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Organizational Processes

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The decision to become a key actor in the development of a smart city/community and to offer new programs and services that contribute to this role requires rethinking internal processes and investing in increasing organizational capacity.


Strategic planning and management may help you establish your new mission and vision as an active stakeholder in smart city development as well as to establish your goals and priorities, which in turn will help you decide on the programs and services you will want to invest in.


Further, you need to consider how your building and physical infrastructure need to change in order to become a suitable space for innovation and community participation.


Engaging your staff is also a great idea to guarantee that the strategic plan is shared and to identify what new skills librarians and other staff need to be able to implement it.


Finally, research shows that building a smart city requires knowledge sharing and collaboration across different actors. Engaging with partners is therefore a key aspect of your contribution to make your city/community smart(er).

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