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The Ignacio Community Library


The Ignacio Community Library (ICL), as a small and rural public library, is located in the small Colorado town of Ignacio, serves a larger community of over 5,000 residents living within approximately 240 square miles, where the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council and the Ignacio Town Board represent two equal governmental bodies that provide separate and overlapping services to their respective citizens who reside in the same community. The town of Ignacio does not have a formal smart community plan or strategy, and there is only a limited deployment of broadband Internet that is not available to all Ignacio households or businesses.

The ICL plays a crucial role in helping the people of not only Ignacio but the surrounding communities access and use broadband Internet and other technologies, enhance their digital skills through computer training and assistance and enable patrons to use technology for a specific purpose, such as applying for jobs online, promoting business, etc. In addition, the ICL is actively seeking to strengthen relationships and meaningful collaborations among other key community stakeholders.

The library already provides capability and is looking to expand its ability to use the library space and its staff to engage citizens and provide them with the mechanisms to actively participate in community wide decision making and problem solving. When the opportunity, need, or desire for additional new technologies comes to Ignacio, the library will be well positioned to play an active and critical role in making sure the technologies truly make the town smarter and smarter for all.


If you are interested, please read the full case study about the Ignacio Community Library and how it is helping to develop a smart community.

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