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Getting Started

To help you get started on using this website most effectively for your needs, read through the three boxes below to see which one best describes your environment:

Unique Practices, Good Practices, Building Blocks.

Then, click the button to go to Programs and Services that best fits your situation.

 Unique practices

  1. Makerspaces / fablabs /music and production studios

  2. Business and innovation centers

  3. Community youth assisting elderly with technology

  4. Open data portals

  5. Civic engagement and engagement with government programs

 Good practices

  1. Book vending machines / media kiosks

  2. Wi-Fi access after hours

  3. Technology lending program (Wi-Fi hotspots, laptops, eReaders, mp3 players…)

  4. Advanced training (robots, 3D printers, social media,…)

  5. Public services support (legal assistance, trade and copyright assistance, health services assistance, tax assistance, immigration services assistance,…) (mediated or not by technology)


Building blocks

  1. Computer labs ( access to computers, printers…)

  2. Wi-Fi access

  3. Digital resources (e-books, digital magazines and newspapers, audiobooks)

  4. Basic computer training

  5. Spaces for public meeting and discussion


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